Founded in 2014, Community Room is dedicated to creating opportunities for live artists. We actively support multimedia artists, musicians, dancers, performers, presenters, cross disciplinary makers, socially active artists and those who seek to push the genre boundaries of “art”.

Our support comes in the form of calls for entry which we use to curate live art events. We have featured the works of over 20 artists! You can learn more them below.

We are currently based in Richmond, VA.

Grace Huddleston

Southern born, VCUarts educated. Grace works primarily in performance, textiles and drawing. Her source of performance inspiration comes from Joan Jonas, Thu Tran, YACHT, Miranda July, and Lygia Clark.

She and Rachel met in 2010 and have been collaborators since 2013 when they put on their first joint show "Safety Dance" in Grace's college house.

Grace is really excited about the promise of Richmond's live art community.

Rachel Ludwig

Rachel grew up in the rural 804 area and has lived in the city of Richmond since graduating from VCU’s department of sculpture and *extended media*. While she has always been inclined to create visual art, Rachel has more recently been exploring her love for music and the sounds around her, seeking inspiration from early female electronic music pioneers as well as the natural world, and of course anything creepy.

Rachel is excited about making a space for creative works that can occupy the spaces in-between and outside of genres in fine art. She hopes that Community Room will create a safe creative space for artists to take risks and get weird.

Folks We've Worked With