Dog Days

July 14-18, 2015

A part of 1708 Gallery’s summer program series 10×10 “Dog Days” was a week long event featuring live art performances each night as well as installations of video works and ongoing projects on view during the day. Genres explored include music, collective/collaborative work, props based performance, interactive video, object interaction, and more.


Cecilia (Brandon Hurtado & Dana Ollestad), Cosima Storz, Steven Hernandez, Malcolm Peacock, Grace Mae Huddleston, Caroline Joy Dahlberg,
BCKWARDS HAUS: MNLV, Jake Barkley, chï, Alfred & more, Zach Duer, Gemtone (solo music project by Rachel Ludwig), Molly Roberts, Pallavi Sen, and Melody Milleker

Special thanks to all of our artists for making the week awesome! Check out our about page to read more about them. <3

All photos taken by the amazing Celina Williams